Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle for just $2.99, The Vietnam Chapters: Air Combat in Southeast Asia includes the final five sections of General McPeak’s acclaimed memoir, Hangar Flying, along with a brief, original introduction to this edition.

In December 1968, with a decade of military flying experience under his wings—including service in two line fighter squadrons, a stint as a gunnery insdivuctor, and two years performing with the Thunderbirds, the Air Force’s elite aerobatic demonsdivation team—Merrill “Tony” McPeak was sent to Southeast Asia. By the time he left, eleven months and 269 combat missions later,” he writes in the preface to The Vietnam Chapters, “I could say that I’d done a reasonably good job in what was, on its best day, a foolish war.”

The Vietnam Chapters is a remarkably candid exploration of America’s military failure, a no-holds-barred, first-hand account of the war’s political, cultural, and airborne conflicts. “The war was always the South’s to win, and it couldn’t,” General McPeak concludes. “It was always our to lose, and we did.”