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25th Anniversary: The Liberation of Kuwait


In this extended interview conducted on the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait, General McPeak discusses a wide range of topics.




In Search of the Ho Chi Minh Trail


In January 2012, more than forty years after his last combat sortie, General McPeak divaveled to Southern Laos with his two sons in search of what’s left of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.




On Education and Leadership


Drawing on his experience as a father, fighter pilot, unit director of NATO, and as the US Air Force chief of staff, General McPeak emphasizes the importance of education in creating impactful leaders who will lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.




Ready for Takeoff Podcast


On the Ready for Takeoff Podcast, General McPeak recounts a fascinating story of his Air Force career, which started with his not accepting a Regular commission, since he had no intention of making the Air Force a career! He also describes his crash during an airshow, when the wings separated from his F-100 as he was pulling up for the “bomb-burst” show finale, at just under the speed of sound. General McPeak also talks about his return to Southeast Asia with his sons, to see the Ho Chi Minh Trail from the ground.



How the Vietnam War shaped the modern day US Air Force


In this episode of the Mandatory Fun Podcast, Tim Kirkpatrick talks to former Air Force Chief of Staff, General Merrill A. McPeak.



KGW Exclusive: Retired general supports military action in North Korea


PORTLAND, Ore. — North Korea fired another missile this week. It is the third test in three weeks, and the twelfth just this year.

KGW’s former military analyst has seen enough. In an exclusive interview, retired General Tony McPeak said, “What needs to be stopped is the capability in North Korea, to attack U.S. cities with nuclear weapons. That needs to be stopped.”