Be curious, take action
Lt. Col. Toby Doran, Schriever Air Force Base; June 18, 2014
“Every Airman should read Hangar Flying, the first volume in Gen. Merrill McPeak’s autobiographical trilogy.”

Pushing the Envelope
Kirkus; May 3, 2013
Hangar Flying, the first installment of The Aerial View trilogy, is an auspicious opening salvo for McPeak’s Lost Wingman Press.”

Book Review
Blogger News Network; August 14, 2012
Hangar Flying by General Merrill McPeak belongs on the book shelves of retired and active duty members of the Air Force, aviation enthusiasts, and historians interested in the development of air power in the second half of the twentieth century.”

A 37-year military career first takes flight
The Oregonian; August 4, 2012
“All a reader could require in the way of aerial maneuvers, sorties and military strategy.”

Book Review Time (.pdf)
The Intake; August, 2012
“A delightfully readable, informative and very interesting book written for at least two audiences: fellow fighter pilots, and those who want to know a good deal more about the lives and adventures of such a strange breed of cats. McPeak succeeds in rewarding anyone who picks up his book, regardless of their background or experience….5 out of 5 stars.”

End of the Cold War Air Force
Air Force Magazine; July, 2012
“Merrill McPeak and Donald Rice dramatically reshaped the Air Force in 1991 and 1992, creating the organization still used today.”

Air Force Capt. Tony McPeak, Over Vietnam
Time Magazine: Battleland; June 14, 2012
Battleland recently conducted an email chat with McPeak about Hangar Flying, which focuses on the 1960s, his early days in the sky, and Vietnam.”

On nuclear alert as Suffolk slept
East Anglian Daily Times; May 1, 2012
“The book — by turn poetic, amusing, insightful, poignant and often self-deprecating — is a potent mix blending domestic detail with life-on-the-line escapades, be they risky acrobatic displays as part of the Thunderbirds team or sorties in Vietnam.”